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This charming illustrated book is presented by Ted Egan and his wife Nerys Evans, based on a song Foundation Day composed by Ted.

The principal aim of the book is to recognise the impressive friendship that developed between British explorer Matthew Flinders and his First Australian Ambassador, Bungaree, a famous man from the Sydney region. Flinders joined the Royal Navy at age fifteen, came to Australia in 1795. He befriended Bungaree, who accompanied Bass and Flinders on their circumnavigation of Tasmania, plus several other journeys of exploration.

When Flinders was commissioned to circumnavigate the unknown land mass known as New Holland and New South Wales, he assembled a crew of 85 men for HMS Investigator. One of his first recruits was Bungaree, who was to play a hugely important role in the adventurous journey. Flinders eventually certified that he and his faithful crew had circumnavigated an occupied island continent; he compiled maps and charts that are still used to this day and suggested the new name Australia.

In his Journals Flinders was the first to call the Aboriginal people "Australians" so Bungaree is further worthy of recognition as the first Australian-born person to circumnavigate Australia.

For delightful reasons, Nerys and Ted have included the famous cat Trim. Such magnificent characters are brought to joyful life by Thor F Jensen in his whimsical illustrations. Much is known of both Flinders and Trim; now the role of Bungaree is recorded. And why not?

All Australians now have a day to celebrate; on 8 September 1803 Flinders reported to Governor King that the task was complete. Let's call it Foundation Day.

Attention Grandparents & Baysitters

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