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In Kutju Australia we combine the literary skills of First Autstralian Alison Nararula Anderson MLA, the enthusiam and talent of the children and staff of Ntaria (NT) and Killara (NSW) schools, the recording skills of Sugarkane Music, the filming skills of Alice Springs Film and Television, under the co-ordination of Ted Egan.

Nararula can speak, read and write five traditional languages, plus English, at a fluent level. While she is almost unique in this respect, there are plenty of people in Australia whose combined talents could be incorporated into a scheme to promote the desirable body of scholarship.

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was a very happy, productive excercise, as our kit demonstrates. Kits are available from me @ $26 incl. post.
Please refer to the order form. We like to think that the kit is worthy of being placed in every home, every primary school in Australia, together with every Scout group, as an example of what might be done to see whether similar exercises can be undertaken in suitable regions, in co-ordination with the many groups of First Australian people concerned that their languages are preserved.

We had delightful experience recently when the Killara children came to Central Australia to meet the Ntaria children at Hermannsburg. The Kutju program was officially launched that day by Alison Nararula Anderson MLA.

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